Super Slow Preset loads

Anyone else experiencing very slow present loads? I find this to be the case with track presets, plugin presets that use Nuendo’s internal preset management tool?

I might have to do a trash preference test, but was hoping not to have to do it. I’m on an SSD and all presets are on that drive. its annoying slow and in front of clients, its the worse of course.

I’ll investigate my system if no one is reported. Just curious.
Thanks for your help

Yes, same her. Win7-64Bit and Win10

Same here on macOS 10.13 and N 8.2
It is so broken that I don‘t use Nuendo‘s internal plugins at all anymore.

I found that if using “Run as administrator” to run Nuendo 8 would be a lot faster.So maybe some permission issue. (Win 10 64)

Okay thanks for confirming. I was about to run some further test, like trash prefs, etc but was too busy this week to test. Thanks for confirming. Its quite annoying, waiting like 5 minutes for presets to come up, not nice in front of clients.