Hi Dorico-Community!

I‘m pretty new to Dorico and struggling with a few things!
I need your help to finish my composition urgently.

  1. I am working on a trio and want to add repeat bars within one instrument/staff line only. Let’s say we have a Harmonica and I only want the treble clef to have repeat bars but not the bass clef line/all of the instruments. How can I work around this?

  2. I want to use lines for cluster chords/waves for prolongued arpeggios but they should be inside the lines, not above.

  3. I can’t seem to get black noteheads without stems by adjusting the settings. Is there a way to use a 1/128 e.g. and replace it with a black notehead?

Maybe the attached image can help explain things.

As I mentioned in the post, it is super urgent, as I have to submit the piece on Monday for my application to university. Thanks for your help! :unamused:

Welcome to the forum.

  1. Close the popover using Alt-Enter to just place them on that single staff.

  2. I think you can drag lines all over tarnation in Engrave mode.

  3. Select the notes, switch to Engrave mode, hide stems.

Welcome to the forum, T_Kovacs. To add repeats on one instrument only, you’ll need to first add barlines on one staff only, which means adding time signatures on one staff only. Hold Alt when you press Enter to confirm the Shift+M popover. You can of course hide the time signatures via the ‘Hide time signature’ property.

You can use note-attached lines to create the lines within the staff. This video shows you how it’s done.

You can’t define a stemless notehead by default, though you can certainly freely design your own notehead type such that a note of one duration uses the notehead from another, in Engrave > Notehead Types. To remove stems, the best way is to select the notes and in Engrave mode activate the ‘Hide stem’ property.

What a warm welcome and quick reply! :slight_smile:

Wow! Thank you for the great features and the great support.
Now I managed to add things like I need them (didn’t really work with the popovers before but really helpful)

Another question:
How can I hide all implicit rests? I tried the start voice/end voice thing but it didn’t work. Is there an easy way to hide all implicit rests within a score?

Layout Options / Players / Bar Rests and Multi-bar Rests, uncheck “Show bar rests in empty bars”

Thanks, I tried that but it still shows those as you can see in the attachment :frowning:

For understanding: I‘m doing this kind of space notation. Do I still have to work with bars? I would rather just enter the notes in the desired place and then drag them in spacing editor to the exact position. And In the end delete/hide all the rests. Do I have to work differently? Or is this possible?

Thanks a lot!

At least for the repeats you’d need the barlines (or you could enter them as playing techniques).
If you need no rests at all in your score:
Sellect all, filter rests, and then remove rests, should do it. Is that what you are looking for?

that is quite a good idea. unfortunately all the positions change with the rests being deleted as you can see in the screenshots. Is there a way to not delete rests but just hide them? Or do I have to change my workflow? If yes, do you have suggestions on how to work with these space notations in Dorico?

The notes should have the same position as now in the end.

I’m not sure if this keep the spacing (i guess so): undo the remove rests command, select all and filter the rests again and in the properties panel set the custom scale to 1 insted of 100.

Thanks so much! It worked. If you’re ever going to hit Salzburg, I owe you a beer.

i’m glad that worked.
I’m in Berlin… i’ll keep that beer in mind :laughing:

Awesome, I mean it :wink: Just PM me!