Super Vision is great!

Hi.I am a cubase, loyal user and fan.
steingerg, please tell the cubse sales reps and planners.

SuperVision in cubase was a great feature. It’s so great that it should be sold separately as a stand-alone product to increase sales and revenue! I can back this up with the results of my extensive research on the net about the effective use of DTM.

Reason #1: Super Vision is a much more popular feature.
Users around the world use Youlean as a loudness meter. It is as if its LUFS is the standard. Youlean is inconvenient because it does not allow you to see other information about the master.

Reason 2: Izotope sells “insight” but the price is too high.
It has a lot of extra features. Super Vision has everything mixing and mastering users need. That one is simpler and easier to understand and should be more popular.
By selling off the great features of cubase, the market share of plug-ins will increase, and if it continues, the market share of DAW software will increase.

Reason 3: The need for standalone.
Just as izotope places a premium on importing reference tracks to compare with their own productions, users want to compare with references. youlean can be stand-alone.
If you can display playback audio from a PC in Super Vision as a stand-alone application, it would be a great analysis. I would love to use it. It would be very popular with the general public.

Reason #4: The more Super Vision is sold separately, the more satisfied existing cubase users will be.
The more Super Vision is sold separately, the more satisfied existing Cubase users will be.
→ More satisfaction, more fulfillment!

(Lastly) Older products like waves don’t increase their value and only offer discounts. cubase, however, keeps improving its value by revamping its features with new versions. It’s software supported by great craftsmen!
We want you to maximize its value for monetization and brand enhancement.
Please consider this!

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