Superclip render bug

Hello guys,

Some months ago, I did post about a superclip bug, which was when opening a project, sometimes, wavelab says it has to re-render all sub-montages, even when I did not change anything in the folder/project in between.

I have a procedure which gives the result 100% of times at my place :

  • put 5 tracks on a new montage
  • save this montage
  • select first track, hit Maj+U (superclip), and do it with default options.
  • do that for the next 4 tracks
  • save master montage
  • open one of the sub-montage
  • do nothing but ctrl+Q (exit wavelab)

At the re-opening of wavelab, (mine is setup to open the workspace as it was when exited) wavelab ask to re-render ALL five sub-montages.

If I do that procedure again : wavelab doesn’t have any problems.

So now I’m careful to not let any sub-montage opened when I quit, but sometimes I still don’t think about it and it’s really annoying. So I backup the renders of the data folder, let WL re-render all files, then go back to data folder to replace each file by it’s previous version, swapping names, and getting the project to work again. It is a major pain in the a** to do. I have to do that since I render my sub-montage trough master section with external processing, and want to keep exactly what has been aproved by the client.

In the Audio Montages preferences, there is an option “Closing of unmodified montages”.
What is your setting?

I use the “save and update” setting.

I was with the other settings before and did get the bug more often.

Yesterday after posting, I tried with the two other ones and they don’t do the bug with this procedure, but they do it quite randomly. I was just trying to see if my procedure leaded to bugs with the other settings with a new montage, and it bugged my mastering project from yesterday, which was open, but I did not touch it at all between the closing and openings of wavelab …

If it can help you identify the source of the problem, everytime the bugs appears randomly, the list of recent montages is cleared. Perhaps something happens sometimes when closing ?

edit : another thing that comes to mind : in my memory, I think the bug never happened twice on the same project, but I can’t be sure at 100%.

edit2 : also, everytime the bug happens, wavelab creates new files in the data folder, which don’t have the same name as the ancient ones.