Superclip workflow loses clip-based effects

Say you’ve got a clip in a montage and you’ve applied several plugins to that clip. Then you need to do some editing within the clip (RX some noises out, etc). Now you have multiple clips and you want to consolidate those into a superclip which can be referred to and edited further later if need be. The superclip workflow is great, but when you create the superclip you lose whatever plugins were instantiated on the original clip.

Am I doing something wrong? Missing something obvious? Some way not to lose those settings with this workflow?


The whole idea is to use the plugins inside the superclip, not the clip. That is, in the sub-montage. Like this, nothing is lost.

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OK, well that’s how I thought it should work! And yet, the other day, I had a Pro-Q3 on the clip and the submontage definitely wasn’t keeping it. I just tried a quick test now and it is keeping it, so I don’t know what was happening. I guess I’ll post again if I can repeat it.