Superclip workflow

Is there a way to turn a few clips into a superclip within a montage but not have the master section effects applied?

Sometimes I’ll slice a song into say 3 clips because Wavelab doesn’t have automation so sometimes I need different effects in certain sections of a song or whatever.

Anyway, when I try to return the 3 clips to one clip using superclip, it seems that the master montage settings are applied, and then they would be applied again after the superclip is made.

Does it make sense to have a way to merge a group of clips but without the master processing?

You say “it seems”, but the Master Section is not used when creating a super clip. Try again while making some obvious changes, like big gain reducing.

Thanks, is this true of both the montage master and the master section? Maybe I should have been more clear.

I’ll test again soon.

I was speaking about the Master Section. For the Montage Master Output, you are right, and there is currently no option to bypass. But I agree to add that option for the next big version.