Superdrive Scatter noise on CD Audio

Just printed some CDs for reference and noticed a scattering noise on audio. Seems like a kind of clocking issue. All fine on 8.5… any thoughts ?
OSX here and Apple Super Drive, usual supports from Taiyo Yuden.



Do you playback with external CD Player or with Super Drive ?
Try read back a couple of CD-track to see if there is something wrong !
Clocking issue is not the case here I think !?
Don’t know if it’s possible to reset CD/DVD drivers with WaveLab!
try maybe other CDR-media and speed !? Taiyo Yuden should be the best

regards S-EH

Playback from external reference CD deck as usual. The noise looks like clocking mismatch on digital audio, some low pitch ciclic little clicks , clearly audible in quitest passages. I made 2 copies and both with same issue. Never had a problem with 8.5 nor the Superdrive. Just asking since prints are no more a daily job.

Well, the CD burning has not changed a bit between 8.5 and 9.
Are you sure the same montage burns differently on the same machine?

Hi there …

FWIW, this can “suddenly” happen as an optical drive approaches its use-by date. I had exactly the same thing occur recently with a Pioneer drive.

Hi PG and Rat,
the Superdrive in object is less than 1 year old, i have some Plextor drives with tons of work hours that are working flawlessly. But it can be a drive failure since i did last prints some time ago on 8.5. On Monday i’ll investigate further.