Superimpose long fade over short fade for dialogue editing?

I’m learning how to edit dialogue and have been following “Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures - Lesson 2: Basic Transitions” on YouTube (together with reading the source book by John Purcell).

Around 5.00 minutes into the YouTube video, he shows a technique where he has copied a segment of room tone and added it to the front of a line of dialogue with a short cross fade. Now with this longer room tone handle, he then creates a longer fade in (to cross fade with the prior dialogue line). He is using ProTools and says “you have to create an edit group” to do this. How can I do a similar thing in Nuendo? I can see I could add the room tone handle, apply the short cross fade and then bounce and replace the selection before applying a longer fade, but this might be difficult to change at a later stage.

Is there some way of applying a longer fade in over a composite event which has a short cross fade?

Thanks for any suggestions.

In the crossfade edit window you can decouple the fades by de-selecting “symetric fades”. Then you can move the fades independently. I think this is what you were looking for.


I think he is asking something different. In this technique, the room tone clip acts as if it part of the original clip, and then a longer fade is applied that is longer than the room tone, and includes the beginning of the dialog clip. I can’t think of an easy way to do this same thing. Making it into a part doesn’t work, because parts can’t be faded. I usually put room tone on a separate track, fade it up, and then apply whatever fade in I need on the dialog track. You have to fade out the room tone as well, making your own crossfade, essentially. Not a very simple or clean work-around.

I think I understand now. You could do as you suggested yourself by bouncing and replacing but copy the files to a different lane just beforehand. The other alternative would be to automate the fade normally or with “trim”. I use trim automation for that extra layer all the time but it is still only post fx.