Superimposed dynamics that are on the same metric position

I have some dynamics that lie on the same position, but with one configured as “Before” in the beat relative position. In most instruments, these display fine. However, on some of them they look superimposed in Dorico 4 and on top of each other on Dorico for iPad (5). They can be changed to the correct position by clicking in any of the properties, even if they don’t change. However, as soon as I make changes somewhere else, they revert to the superimposed position.
In the attached project and screenshots, the problematic dynamics are the ones under the rehearsal marks. On the tenor sax, they are incorrect, whereas they look correct on the alto.

On the iPad, they look like this

This is the project
Coincident dynamics.dorico (876.4 KB)
My guess is that it’s related to the prior divisi section.
By the way, on this project I can’t delete the Perc 1: Timpani player :man_shrugging:

I guess in your last picture, the “f” is attached to the second eight. You can select it, and use Shift + Opt + left arrow and again Shift +Opt + right arrow.

But maybe it would make more sense, to attack the “f” to the last eight of bar 67?

The answer, as @Nukkul suggests, is not to put two dynamics on the same beat. Move the forte to the last rhythmic hash of measure 67 (one can make the hashmark grid show 32nd notes) and then put the mezzo forte subito on the first hash of measure 68.

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Thank you both for your answers.

Last picture is the same project open in Dorico for iPad, unchanged. The “f” under “A” is attached to the beginning of the bar. Normally, when a gradual dynamic spans the full length of a note in the previous bar, its end is attached to the first rhythmic position of the following bar. If that position lies in a rest, Dorico automatically attaches it to the very end of the previous bar, without further fiddling positioning the dynamics. When there are 2 dynamics coinciding, such as in this case (a crescendo to the end followed by a subito immediate dynamic), I normally place them both in the same rhythmic position, and select “before” in the beat-relative position for the one that ends the hairpin. I think this is the Dorico way of doing it, meaning the gradual dynamic will span until the very end of the previous note. In fact, in this score, this works for every instrument except for this and maybe other one that I believe it also has divisi.
The thing is that, if you click the “before” option, even when already active, the dynamics will place in the right position, just until I continue editing the score. That’s why I think is a bug.

I will do this to avoid changing it all the time. I still believe this is not intended behavior.