Superior Drummer 2.0 problems. Help???

Ive been trying to set up my Roland TD-9KX drums with superior drummer 2.0 but just can’t seem to get it right… I use Cubase AI 7 and Steinberg UR22 sound card. All of my drums sound good, except for the hats. It can only be played as closed hi hats or opened. The program doesn’t really respond to my hi hat pedal… Might you guys know wheres the problem? I had Cubase 5 over a half year ago, used the same program and drums and the hats were working fine, i just can’t do it with Cubase AI 7.
*AND for the record, i’ve watch alot of guides on youtube on how to set the hi hats with SD 2.0, none of them work… PLEASE help i really want to get into recording again :frowning:

Are you certain that your kit (or any kit for that matter) sends out different MIDI values of a given parameter for each hi-hat variation such that Superior Drummer can have a means of distinguishing the variations?

No, actually i am not certain. How can i check what midi values is my kit sending? As i said before, i have had the same kit on Cubase 5 and it worked fine. Things i’ve changed after was a new pc, different version of Cubase (AI 7) and i’ve bought UR22 sound card (i have been using M-Audio Midi-Usb interface before UR22)

To find the values that the kit is sending, record a part including the different variations you want to know about. Leave the Drum Map off and open the normal MIDI piano roll. You can find the pitch/velocity data by selecting the note and consulting the Info line.

Now I don’t know how many variations you are trying to access, but if you are simply trying to differentiate between open/closed hi hat, I know the default value those are assigned to on a GM kit are a Bflat and a F# respectively. You may want to confirm the mapping both within Superior and the Drum Map Setup.

After conducting the test above, maybe it would be best to explain what you are trying to achieve with the hi hats. Are you trying to emulate a true hi hat pedal instead of using it as a switch? This is the same concept as the half pedal on a piano VSTi. Older VST’s interpret MIDI sustain data as a switch, either on or off. In this case that would be closed or open. But newer piano models have been improved to the point where the sustain is interpreted at intervals, much like a hi hat responds on a legit acoustic kit.

I do own EZDrummer, but there’s a lot of difference so I would consult the mapping setup of Superior and what kind of possible technologies are employed in the instrument to ensure true emulation.

Sorry I haven’t been much help. EZDrummer and Superior are very different.

It’s a lil late now, but thanks for this info, ill try to work something out tomorrow morning.
Ok so here’s what i wanna achieve: starting of with the hat equipment - its a rubber cymbal with two-way trigers (both edge and the bow of the cymbal), and theres this seperate pedal, which should work as an acoustic hi hat pedal. And now heres the problem: lets just say i wanna try to trigger the edge of my cymbal first - so first thing i do is click on the hi hat icon in SD 2.0, i select the ‘Open hats 4’ column. Then theres this button called ‘learn’. So when i press this button, i must hit at my hat cymbal so SD would save the changes. Everything seems OK at first - i hit the cymbal with the stick, my leg is off the hat switch, i hear open hat sound - everythings coolio. Then (as showed in some tutorials in youtube) i select the ‘closed hats’ from the hi-hat column… I press my feet on the leg switch, THEN i click the ‘learn’ button. Everything seems fine until i lift my leg. Now the hats always sound closed, no matter if my leg isn’t even touching the leg hi hat switch. So i try again triggering the open hi hats. Did the whole thing i wrote above - now the hats ALWAYS sound opened, even if my foot is pressed down on the pedal.
Now see this was not the problem with my old pc and Cubase 5, i had the same version of SD and i managed to work out the hi hat triggering almost immediately back then (i believe it was some 2,5-3 years ago, so i can’t really remember how i did it). Hope this clears some things up, as my english skills are very amateur and my knowledge of recording and producing music are very little. Although ill try to work out the drum mapping. Thanks for the help!

It sounds to me like your hi hat pedal is not affecting the MIDI data in any way. I would make a recording including samples with the pedal engaged and disengaged (on a separate track that has Drum Maps off). According to what you described, the note pitches will be the same. I’m not a drummer but I would start off looking for ways to get that pedal to transfer data. Superior may have a parameter to control the openness of the hi hat, that would be a nice thing to do a quick search for.

okay i have opened the superior drummer mapping settings… When i hit each drum individualy, it shows me the keys on which they are mapped on. The i tried to hit my hi hat foot pedal. It’s on the A flat note. And i think now i know my problem. The thing is, everytime i hit an individual drum, a little lighting appear on the piano key; and when i hit my hat foot pedal, the light only appears for a second, eventho my foot is still pressing the pedal down. Now what i need to do now is… I don’t really know how to explain this in english, so ill make this simpler: i don’t want that piano key light go off in a second. I believe the key should look like as it was being pressed (in the drum mapping settings) or in other words - it should remain lighten up if my foot is on the hat pedal in order to solve my problem. And now i have a bigger problem - i have no idea how to make this work…

NEVER MIND. Fixed the problem with some other ways :smiley: found some SD mapping presets which work fine, now my hi hats are fixed! Although i must thank you, if it wasn’t for you i wouldn’t be able to ind the mapping presets!

Hey Vykiss, that’s great. That’s another reason I never did upgrade to Superior from EZ. Superior is, as they say, a mad scientist’s drum machine. :wink:

I bought ez drummer. liked it a lot but was frustrated by lack of editing (even for example, being able to tune a drum). so I upgraded to superior within a couple of weeks. no regrets; fantastic plugin. I like it a lot more than my bfd2. bfd2 sounds great but takes a lot more tweaking to work in the stuff I produce for clients. superior drummer basic starting points are much punchier. I also have slate drums. total waste of money for me and my clients. sounds are just too processed and “American”! opinionated Ed strikes again ! :slight_smile: