Superior Drummer 2 and Cubase 6

I am having huge issues in getting superior drummer 2 to run on Cubase 6. Namely, I cannot get the sounds to load and map.
I am really not good at computers, but I am wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction?

What do you mean by “cannot get the sounds to load”?

Are you able to select Superior Drummer as a VST instrument? If so, have you pointed Superior to the location where you installed it’s sample libraries (Settings page within the Superior GUI)?

As far as Drum Maps go, log into your Toontrack account and navigate to Downloads -> Extra Downloads -> Superior -> HostStuff -> Cubase -> DrumMaps.

thanks Scab Pickens, I went wandering on the Toontracks site, and they have an update and a set of instructions that fixes the problem. I had to reload the whole lot in the Cubase subfolder where it would look for VST stuff and it is all sorted now.
All the best.

Good deal! :sunglasses: