Superior Drummer 3 trigger problem between Cubase projects

So this is very strange, but for some reason my Cubase 11 Artist, Roland TD50-X and Superior Drummer 3 combo just stopped being able to load / trigger correctly.

In my one project where I use it to play along with drumless tracks on youtube, its just fine, that was just the TD50-X preset loaded and nothing tweaked (I use the Andy Sneap metal kit 1). This works just fine, I can re open it, triggers are all perfect and so that kind of rules out the hardware IMO.

In ANY other project now (and this wasn’t the case until today) the mapping loads incorrectly, or rather the mapping loads and seems the same but the triggers … trigger incorrectly - the hihat for example plays the hat, snare and cymbal when you press the pedal, and the toms (2 and 3) have Cymbals being triggered too. It’s so weird I can’t figure out what is different as I’ve never tweaked anything in that test project and when i save and load from SD3 to SD3 (the project as opposed to the preset) it doesn’t make a difference.

I made a video but unfortunately the computer audio didn’t record so just watch what happens and listen to what i describe and you’ll see the problem -

I was on 3.2.8 and tried upgrading to 3.3.0, no difference btw.

Any advice much appreciated, apologies for my voice I have covid right now :confused: