Superior Drummer Audio Mixdown

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I was reading a few articles on here and none of them really provided me with an answer that worked for me.

I recently transitioned to Cubase Artist 8.5 from REAPER. Reaper had a cool and easy to use feature where I would map out my drums for SD in the key editor, then when I finished I could individually solo each drum track, right click on the the MIDI track itself and mix it down to an audio track. I could copy the track and paste into its own channel and then repeat until all of the drum pieces where broken down into individual .wav tracks.

From there, I could trigger, edit, compress, etc. just like I would to a recorded track.

Is there a simple way to do this in Cubase for a very novice user?


Here is the procedure for EZD2. Not sure if the procedure is the same for Superior Drummer… but, the Cubase portion is probably what you really want.

Working on an “Instrument” track:

  • Open your EZD2 and go to the “mixer” tab.
  • There, you can choose where each instrument channel will appear in Cubase
  • Choose the dropdown on the 1st channel (the one on the left) and choose “multichannel”. That will assign a separate track to each percussion instrument.
  • Now, when you drag a midi from EZD2 to the instrument track CB will create as many tracks as necessary for each separate percussion instrument in the midi file you placed on the CB instrument track. These tracks will by default be labeled whatever you named the instrument track then EZ2, EZ3… etc.

Then it is a matter of rendering down each track to create the .wav files you want using the Cubase “Render In Place” function (Edit>Render In Place). There are a few options in the Render In Place menu that you should check out to make sure you get what you want when you render the tracks. Example: “As one Event”.

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Hey Process. Everytime I render the track this way, I only get the kick drum no matter what I do.

This is for Cubase 7 but the prrcess is basically the same:

The only thing left to do is render in place to write it to audio.

The video is good and is the same for CB 8.5.

Sorry but… In my procedure I forgot to mention that you need to open the VST insturment rack and activate the VST outputs to get all of the separate channels. Then when you do the “Render In Place” function you will get .wav audio tracks for all of the channels you chose as outputs in the rack. FYI… EZD2 will sometimes group a few of the instruments onto an output channel (SD may be different). So you need to assign them to be output to their separate channels if that is the case for the midi you want to use.

Let us know how you make out. :wink:

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