superior drummer not seen

just upgraded to CB9 with latest update (PC).

Upon starting CB, got “superior drummer not found” Still wondering exactly what a blacklist is but it says 32 bit apps no longer supported. OK, I go to Toontrack and install the 64 but version of SD2. Still can’t find the vst Superior Drummer. Still works fine in CB 7.5 so I guess I’m lucky there.

do I have to copy a file somewhere or what? Any help appreciated.

toontrack solo works and it says its the 64 bit version. Superior drummer is installed in program files(x86) does that make any difference? Seems like I had to copy a vst file and put it somewhere way back when but I cant find anything toontrack or superior drummer related i.e. vst files.

out of ideas.

You need to make shure cubase is looking for the 64 bit dll in the right folder. Check your mapping. It will come up as blacklist if it is correct mapped, but not showing.

not sure what you mean by “mapping”. can you be more specific.

SD drummer works just fine in CB 7.5 on the same computer. if I open it within CB 7.5 it says it’s the 64 bit version.

Device, plugin manager, go down to the left corner of the screen and hit the settings tab. Now you will see wich mappings cubase use for searching up your plugins. Can you find the correct path to your 64 bit dll there?

what path am I looking for? what is the actual ???.dll for superior drummer. I can’t find it anywhere.

Search for it in your explorer window. Or do a reinstall (repair) and see what path install program use. Or check in c 7.5 what path is used there. Or if it is only 32 bit used in your c7.5.

You have to know the install path, so you can tell c9 where to find it.

I have searched and searched and searched for it *.dll There is nothing I recognize pertaining to Superior Drummer. There is no superiordrummer.dll or toontrack.dll or sd.dll. If I knew what the name of the dll was MAYBE I could find it. searching for *.dll returns a lot of files but even looking through all of them I don’t see anything that looks like superior anything. This is bs. It shouldn’t be this hard.

It is not hard at all. Programs need info where to find stuff. If you just click and install something and dont pay atention to where you install it. You cant expect the next program to know where to find it.

Just reinstall (repair) and jump to where in the install program you chose vst plugin folder. Note the path and abort the install. Use that path in c9.

in desperation I searched the C drive for *.dll. it returns 35,466 results on my system. I did my best to look through them but since I have no idea what toontrack named that dll. I knew I shouldn’t have upgraded.

I’ve tried to reinstall several times but it says it’s already installed and if it shows the path, it goes by in a “flash” and I can’t see it.

I’d uninstall, start over and hope for the best, but I need it tonight and I’m afraid if I uninstall it, it will stop working in 7.5 and then I’ll really be screwed.

by default if you install cubase before toontrack. It should store the dll in programs, steinberg, vstplugins, toontrack, so look to see if you have that path in your explorer. If so. Just update the plugin paths in plugin manager. It might just be a glip.

Anyways the plugin should be stored under a map called toontrack. So search for toontrack

I rolled the dice and uninstalled superior drummer. on the reinstall I was able to see the directories and get it solved. I still assert it shouldn’t be that hard. Thank you for your help and patience.

Im happy to help. Bin at daws for over 20 years. So I don’t mind chearing my experience. Just remeber in the futhure to take note of where you install programs. Most 3d party plugins are setup for running in many different daws. So they might not install to your vst folder, unless you tell them too do it.