Supervision bug in Cubase 13

Please Steinberg - supervision is blinking. Normally I have it on a dedicated screen and since Cubase 13 it is flickering/blinking. Very annoying… very very annoying and then some. It doesn’t matter which size the plugin is or which of my 3 screens I use it on - same flickering - AND it is the only plugin I tried with this problem. Hawkeye works just fine, Windows 11 and AMD graphics drivers.


Probably falls under the known issue described here.

Which Graphic card do you use, please? Do you have the latest Graphic card driver installed? Do you use HiDPI screen or not?

It is an RX 6800 with the latest driver - works perfectly in Cubase 12. I wish they could wait a few weeks to release their stuff when they know such basics as graphics aren’t ready. oh well I guess this update did actually start unlike Cubase 12

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I have been trying to work on some projects now. The graphics bug for me is worse with HiDPI enabled. With enabled there is constant flickering, with HiDPI disabled it only flickers when I have the window active or move the mouse over it. Also, the mixer is at times unworkable at times with even worse flickering and redraw issues .

Back to Cubase 12 :frowning:

Yeyy blinking Christmas tree lights . And someone on Redit who claims to be a Beta tester said with C13 .0 "there are no bugs " ,he obviously doesn’t do his job then
RTX3060 win 10

This is the result of trying to resize the new channel tab.

I guess Steinberg should put out 13.0 instead of 13.0.10.
This is getting worse by the minute - another opening-day failure from Steinberg, apparently a known issue by Steinberg so I gotta ask the question: Who thinks it is okay to sit in front of this mess for hours upon hours trying to be creative and make music?

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Oh thank god I’m not alone, I was getting crazy. Cubase 12 works perfectly fine but Cubase 13 flashing and screen gets messed up. It’s horrible. I back to Cubase 12 again.
When disabling “HiDPI” gets a bit better but still not usable.
Please fix this Steinberg.
I’m on Windows 11, i7, Radeon RX 6650 XT.

This is my Cubase 13… It’s flashing to make music more enjoyable :joy:

Mine is exactly like this. I back to Cubase 12.

I have the same issue! @steinberg–have to fix it please

Same thing on my side (i9-RTX3060 - With Cubase 12 no problem).

I think I know what’s going on… and I’m telling you that after the New Year it will be fixed.

It flashes, it flashes because… it’s almost Christmas!!!
Well done Steinberg :wink:

HI! I have the same problem! rtx 3060ti / i7 / win 10
Sory but i dont know how to upload the video

yes so many of us have this problem, but it is not just this plugin - it is Cubase 13.0.10 itself which causes this on all types of graphics cards and CPU combinations. I was working on a friend’s studio yesterday with Cubase 13, he has no problems like this and the update is great, but still unusable for my studio computer.

I have the same problem in SuperVision and additionally the “All Module Reset” Function in SuperVision does not work anymore.


The bug is still there after update 13.0.20

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yes indeed. try this:
Graphical User Interface errors in Cubase 13 / Nuendo 13 – Steinberg Support
many people now have a liveable user experience

I’m also having this issue in Wavelab 12. It was ok in version 11 but now I just can’t have supervision open since it constantly flickers.