SuperVision + Control Room = High Audio Performance

Hey there,

to have SuperVision available at all my projects, I decided to use it as an insert in the control room. Unfortunately it uses a lot of resources and increases the audio performance compared to inserting it in the “Stereo Out”. Check out this video:

Did anyone else experience this issue?


for me, the difference is not so huge, but there is one.


control room

Thanks for checking it out. Seems like there is something wrong with my system then :thinking:

I have a similar problem. It depends - of course - on which modules you use. Spectral analysis seems to eat up a lot of CPU. For me it results in laggy screens. But my computer is fairly old to be honest.

Yeah I realised that too. Switching out some modules reduced the CPU hit for me.

Yes, heavy on CPU and graphics certain modules used. I just suspend it’s use until I need it.