SuperVision Enhancements

whould be nice to give some love to supervision
1: not only as plugin, but somehow tight to control room or at least make it not close like any other plugin when performing command to close all plugins.
2: add VU metter
3:add something similar to izotope “Tonal Balance control 2” which gives a good start point and guide to balance the mix/master EQ


+1: To be able to use references like in tonal balance control!

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i see VU meter was added to supervision on Dorico 4 videos :ok_hand:

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i just saw the VU on the “Dorico 4 mixer” video, yes cool :call_me_hand:

+1 omg yessss , i’ve been asking for this for a while now I feel…

I am constantly using the command to close all plugins to clean up my work area… but I really don’t think of my oscilloscope + meters as plugins that I want to open/close… I have a dedicated screen/area just for them so it’s annoying that they get closed and I always have to go and re-open them! For this reason, Image Line’s wavecandy is cooler because it will actually stay open even after the “close all plugins” command… but I really want to get behind Supervision.

There is already a VU meter in the Wavelab version of SuperVision.

I go for this one:

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