Supervision - full screen?

Is it possible to get an option for full screen for this great plugin?

I run 3 screen monitors, 2 of them without a taskbar, and I use 1 of them for Supervision. It seems every time I start Cubase that Supervision will resize itself. It goes down in length from the previous time it was loaded every time either if it is from my templates or load and previous project.

supervision is on my Control room output bus, running AMD drivers

supervision should definitely remember its size between sessions! Pretty much all other third party plugins that are resizable can do this.
Cubase is really far behind on scalable plugin GUIs…

@glennloopez Could you please add the “cubase-12” and “issue” tags to this thread?

Mine remembers size, location and settings.

One thing I have noticed though is that some plugins don’t seem to do well along or beyond screen borders. So perhaps try to make sure it’s contained properly within the size of the screen’s area.

Tbh i think supervision is one of the best plugins I’ve used in terms of scaleable design. The way you can split the window and display multiple modules is brilliant.

I run the supervision in a 3rd monitor full screen and it remembers it’s size etc. I have it saved as part of a workspace.

You’re right, I misremembered that, if inserted into a slot, it recalls size and position quite fine.
Where it does not work is with presets, the current size doesn’t get saved, and neither does it in the default preset, so if you load a new instance of Supervision, you always have to resize to your liking.

Yeah it’s very nicely done. A great addition.

I just wish the actual “bar”-meters for loudness were a bit more to my liking. I prefer iZotope’s Insight meters for just giving me a clear, quick readout of what’s going on.

But other than that I’m really liking Supervision.

I just wanted to second the points made in this thread. SuperVision is really flexible and well-designed from a UI perspective, and I bought a third 4K monitor just so I can have SuperVision open full screen at all times to give me a quick readout on phase correlation, frequency distribution, and loudness.

The one capability I’d love to see added is what Tonal Balance Control from iZotope provides. Right now I keep a Tonal Balance Control window open on that SuperVision screen as well so I can keep an eye on the, well, tonal balance of my projects, but having that as a native SuperVision capability would be extra nice.

That’s exactly what I’ve done - got a smaller 2K tablet like monitor and I use it solely for supervision with the isotope tonal balance 2 hanging around.

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