SuperVision in Control Room

If I add an instance of SuperVision to a Control Room Insert slot, it works fine except I cannot bypass it. It can be Alt-clicked to deactivate it, and it can be deactivated from the icon inside the plugin, but bypassing is not an option. Is this the intended behavior since it is just a meter and not an effect? It’s just a little odd when you click the icon that would normally bypass the effect in the insert slot and nothing happens.

Also, could we get some consistency in naming, please. The plugin’s name everywhere else is SuperVision, but it shows as MultiScope in the plugin menus.
I had an older project loaded, created in Cubase 10.5. Guess that was why it showed MultiScope in the menu.

Multiscope is not Supervision
there could be something wrong with your installation?

I was in an older 10.5 project. Guess that’s where it picked up the MultiScope name.