Supervision in Wavelab pro 11 is Fantastic

I am really liking Supervision in Pro 11.

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Agreed, it’s the one thing from Cubase 11 that I was hoping would make it into WaveLab, where IMHO it makes a lot more sense.

Yes this is great. I’m wondering if this is going to get more customizable settings like the original meters in Wavelab?
My wish list for an update is adding “Playback sample rate” (it’s own window) and “Bit meter” ( 2 digit small window instead of the bars) also for the original Wavelab meters.

This is already displayed in the bottom of the Master Section there:

I had a request of being able to make the timecode have the same options as the original WaveLab timecode so it can show the track/clip time too instead of just the total motange time which is rarely useful to me.

Hi PG, I’m aware of the “Playback sample rate” in the master section and in the timecode window.
The “problem” is that it is very small and at the bottom and in the timecode window it sometimes overlaps with the clip name (if it’s long). I love Wavelab’s metering for being highly customizable and being able to put them in a Control Window and Dock in the main window. However, for those two things it would be great to have their own little dockable window.
I usually double check all the render settings and hit playback a little bit before I hit the Start Render button to make sure the selected sample rate matches the playback rate if I have the Resampler ON in the master section. It doesn’t matter if I have the Resampler and Dither plugin in the Master section, if I select the wrong render preset, it will export it at the preset’s rate without a warning . . . Or maybe a pop up window warning that the sample rates are different would be good. By the way, great work on V11