SuperVision iPad

Hey Nuendoers,

I would really love a SuperVision app for the iPad.
Ideally it would connect to a DAW via a network stream, maybe optionally via USB.
What do you think?


I don’t want to hijack your feature request - but I’d actually like to expand it - why stop at SuperVision…I’d like GUIs for all the flagship plugins…(plus a surround panner but that is another FR!)

needs to be IOS and Android otherwise there will be complaints :smiley:

I found Splashtop Wired XDisplay HD (could be found on Appstore, not an adv, you could find any other) and since that time I use my iPad as 5th monitor just for that purpose. I can drag to it any plugin or window from Nuendo - Supervision, automation panel, DOP window etc. Though it has some lag it doesn’t really matter much for me cause it does its work nicely)

I would like it to actually run on the Tablet to make it available for all applications.

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Actually you can do it if u use ( Duet display app on ipad )

which will turn your ipad into wireless monitor actually with really low latency if you’re close from the router

just move the supervision plugin to your ( ipad screen ) and enjoy *also support touch which can be used in some senarios ( for me I use it on recording booth to show the video to the actor

Yes, there’s a bunch of such apps on AppStore for iPad. Very handy)

I know, but this would be so cool as a STANDALONE tablet app for video editors…