Supervision + Mac Studio M1 Max = Sluggish GUI performance on Apple Silicon

Somehow Supervision does not play well with my new system. I have one instance running (spectrogram default settings) on my Control room monitor section… It brings my system to a slow death, unresponsive GUI until I can’t even open windows or stop them.
Does anyone else see this behaviour? Any ways around it?

ps. it’s running just fine in Rosetta mode :frowning:

I have a Mac Studio MAX here and couldn’t replicate the problem. Supervision works fine in the Control Room and in the mixer in both AS and Rosetta modes.

I added it in a session with a number of VI’s (Omnisphere, XO, Superior Drummer 3 and Analog Lab) without issue.


Thanks. I remember adding supervision on a intel machine. Later opened it on my new machine and noticed the GUI lag.
i’ll try again tomorrow with a fresh boot and insert of supervision.

Do you have supervision set to Spectrogram? Or something else? Because everything else works fine, just not Spectrogram. As if it’s algorithm is not optimised for ARM yet.
I’m working on sound effects in 96khz 32bit and need to see stuff like interference and other spectral elements. This is unusable at the moment.

Ok the issue is in running at 96khz! I tried a new clean session at several sr’s and bit depths. 48 runs fine also with 32bits. The weird thing is… n12 in total is complete sluggish in 96 with supervision… so this definitely looks like a bug.