SUPERVISION: UI Sizing and remove mastheads

Always good to streamline, hopefully supervision will be with us for while. The upgrades in 12 are good and Im wanting to streamline by removing the TBAudio VU that I use for calibrating ABCD buss.
Supervision vu is great…except it would be helpful to have a minimal screen when you are using in this type of application and be able to show only the required meter, no framing, mastheads etc

Hello @Aurasphere,
Many thanks for your positive feedback :slight_smile:
Do you think you could elaborate more regarding what information you would expect to visualize with a very small VU meter?
Don’t hesitate to make a small graphics if you think this could help us to understand better.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @jbrolland
Hope this helps
Its a bit deeper than just the supervision plug (in a UI sense, I think its great to stage ui in 3 tiers but I can pm if you are interested; there is a snip of tier 1 discussed in this thread Status/Info Line/Presentation view)

This is the overview of my screen space (5 screens, the L and R are in portrait)

Centre middle is the ‘temporal focus’ screen where the elements like eg a quick VU check on the busses will occur.

As an example; I often will do the buss calibration as discussed; currently I use Bome/GR to to open the Supervision plugs, turn of f the main buss out in control room and turn on the test generator which sends to the busses
That means 5 vu open much like a normal hardware desk

Lets take example 2 in this picture

Once the user has configured params etc , the red green and gold areas are of no concern, Dont get me wrong and please understand Im trying to be helpful and this may not be what the devs want…its just my frustration with not only Cubase but UI in general.

All that is required to be seen at tier 1 is the blue area with a hover visibility button on the top right to trigger the interface to divulge the standard detail as is currently the normal display. As mentioned in the other post, this is analogous to ‘presentation’ mode in some other ui.

If its ok to say too, the current ui is also over branded… The size of the footer(gold) is large and the balance of size etc is shouting something that is already known by the user. The logo is well established and should always be the brand inclusion imvho. The name of the plug is already presented in the title bar (repeating might no be preferable as its uneeded)

So the idea for tier 1 UI is having only the functional graphics remain, using the logo as the toggle widget in the top left. The title bar wold dim, indicating it is in 'present/tier 1 mode

This doesnt just include calibration of course, as the mix develops, its important to keep an eye on gain feeds as it relies on 0db threshold (typical Brauer type setup), hence the terse view is important at all times once the project is in development and interactions between busses etc benefit for a quick visual cue.

Additionally there seems to be a bug; when you size the ui to be stacking and size it back again, it doesnt resolve the graphics
Compare Exampl 1 & 2 > 3 & 4

It would be great to talk about UI distribute/align/wrapping…but Ill do that separately

Adopting a tiered approach overall would really lift the interface/use ability to a new level, especially along with docking/distribute/align etc for floating window elements

(Apologies for the poor graphics…no PS on this pc :wink: