Supervision Update for Media Composers

Allow video clip to be inserted / imported within Supervision for a more compact screen layout

To be honest, Supervision is a plugin that can be inserted on any track.
Why should this hold a video?

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I’m not seeing a benefit either.

I don’t understand what video had to do with supervision. Can you explain?

He wants to use an extra screen for video playback and analysis simultaneously (and full-screen?), so he doesn’t have to decide either he wants the video playback or the analysis on the “extra” screen. Right? Although, the video playback would be siginficant smaller in a supervision arrangement. Imho this is not worthwile.

Just move and resize windows as desired and save as workspace… no?

@MattiasNYC for me this would be a solution. But my prefered one would be just toggle between the video playback and supervision. I do not see any need to integrate the video playback in supervision. When I’m composing / writing to picture and working on a cue, I’m always focused on the picture. Afterwards while mixing, I check analysis.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to respond to you directly, I actually agree with you. I just meant that each window could be positioned and sized appropriately and then the workspace can be saved. And for toggling the video window a key command works just fine.

You all have a right to your opinions and preferences, but I would like to have the video sit within Supervision for my workflow. Resizing it to fit the screen is cool, BUT I already do that.

Can you explain why this would be usefull for you? And have you tried using an extra screen just for picture?

Yes Klfnk2020 I work with 3 monitors, and for consolidation of screen real-estate it would be great if there were an option to “lock-in” the video within Supervision. This is more of a need when mixing. I’ve attached a png file of what I’d like to see. Also, this would be an excellent option for several Steinberg users who do not have all the extra screens. Of course, anyone can place the video file on top of Supervision, BUT as you ought to know, whenever you’d click onto the Supervision screen, the video would disappear. For my workflow, and perhaps for others interested, this would be a great option. This is a matter for those with limited space. Not everyone who writes to picture has the resources for a whole lot of gear. This would solve some issues for many Cubase, Nuendo, and Wavelab users; not just for myself.

thanks for explaining and providing an example. I indeed know about the videowindow dissapearance when clicking on Supervision windows… but isn’t that the actual source of the issue? If video would stay on top, then your setup would already work.
In short I don’t think it is very easy to make your wish come true, but an alternate (pin video player window/always on top) is and does the same job.
Or am I missing something obvious here?

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Ahhh…yes! I’ve overlooked that I can pin the video to “always on top”. Thanks for the reminder.

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