Supervision + Virtual Keyboard freezes notes

When I have Supervision with quite a few modules opened in my Control Room and I play a triad chord for a couple of seconds using the Virtual Keyboard the notes and cubase freeze a few seconds.

The longer I hold the keys on the keyboard the longer the notes freeze after I stop playing.

As soon I close Supervision or reduce the number of modules to a minimum the issue disappears.

It happens in an empty project with just one synth and very low CPU and GPU usage.

When I use my MIDI USB keyboard this issue does NOT occur. Even if I play six notes at the same time. Unfortunatelly I can’t take it with me all the time.

Win10 22H2, C13 PRO, Ryzen 5950x, various GPUs NVIDIA and AMD
same behaviour on laptop

would someone be so kind as to confirm this behaviour, please? I want to make sure if this has something to do with my graphic cards or drivers. I just bought a new GPU because of this and lagging performance with certain plugins but it solved non of my problems and I could still send it back.

Just open retrologue, add Supervision, open “Music, Editing, L” Preset for example and play three notes on the Virtual Keyboard at the same time for like ten seconds.

The more modules added, the earlier and the longer the notes freeze

CPU is at 4%, GPU is at 10%, Audio Performance meter has no spikes and stays very low