SuperVision vs. Voxengo SPAN

I’m very used to SPAN and am trying to get Supervision’s spectrum curve to behave similarly.

My SPAN settings are:


And the closest Supervision settings I’ve gotten are:


This gets me pretty close, with Supervision showing a bit more detail. However, my eye is used to seeing SPAN’s averaging. There’s a big difference is how the low-end rolls off.

There’s no change when engaging/disengaging sample-accurate mode. Regarding averaging, the manual only states that time/freq. smoothing just smooth the display.

I’d classify this as a “preference” post, not a “problem” post. Anyone else run across this or have settings suggestions to make Supervision look more like SPAN?


the problem is mainly that SPAN can change the windowing for the FFT
but Supervision uses a fixed window function and it’s not clear which one
without the knowledge about the way the signal is prepared for FFT and how the FFT is applied it is very hard to match them
SPAN is much more flexible in regarding the FFT (spectrum display)

all the above says that it is not only the view that’s different, it’s the measurement as well