[SuperVision] Wavescope, Wavecircle - Out of Sync

I’m not sure if this is a problem or a feature

here i pick ShaperBox by Cableguys, as reference.
You can see, how well it is synchronized with project tempo & grid.
And now look at supervision. It just render input signal, doesn’t sync to grid or tempo.
Just compare


By default, SuperVision will sync to the last reset position. If reset on playback is enabled, then it will sync in last playback start position.

Hi Jean!
didn’t know MIdi Reset affect SuperVision, thank you!

I made new workaround with Midi Reset, but it doesn’t solve the problem.

Looks like, shaperbox someohow “sync to grid”, can SuperVision get this function
?(if it possible, should i post it to Feature Request?)



I was talking about the Auto reset function from SuperVision:
" Reset Module Values on Start
If this button is activated, all values are automatically reset when playback is started."

See in SuperVision

If this is enabled, then wavescop will synchronize with the project location when starting playback.

In bref, to solve your problem:

  • Set your play cursor at the beggining of your bar
  • Playback from here
    SuperVision’s Wavescope’s start position will then be in sync with the project bar position.
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oh, i see, thank you for clarification :sweat_smile:

But, at last video, ( Reset Module Values on Start ) is activated, and the porblem still exist.
Now i understand that SuperVision render signal from cursor position.

Look at new video, you can see how start position always random from each playback.

I guess, SuperVision should support “sync to grid?”, because now you can’t aligh audio to grid. (for example orchestral percussion, or phase of 2 kick drums (via sidechain), or bad 3rd party synthesizer with latency issues…)

Hello again,

The video seems to be private…
In any case, we will try to consider a potential “sync to grid” feature for a future version.

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Sorry, forget private link - here https://youtu.be/bccOLYSTVfI

Great! thanks!