Supoort for VGA adapter

I would like to know before buy does Cubasis support 30-pin to VGA adapter for iPad2?
It would be nice for me to have this app on my 20" LCD monitor.
I have raised this question since I found a lot of complains about this adapter
because it only supports some apps, not all of them. Thank you.


hey nbadesign,

yes! It does support the VGA adapter. We’ve used it serveral times.

kind regards

Thanks, for reply. I was a little bit confused when I have read reviews about this adapter on Apple store site.
Everyone said that it does not support every app, but just a few. I have bought HDMI adapter and have additionally a cheap HDMI to DVI connector. In that case I could use iPad both with new LCD monitors and older projectors with DVI only. I have tested Cubasis look on a large 22" monitor and it looks and responds nice.
I hope to see automation soon, so we could forget or PCs for everyday work… Just final tuning.
Nice job!