Support and other question from Brazilian Cubase user

I live in Brazil, and traveled to Germany on vacation in 2017, and I bought a Cubase Pro 9.0 in a music store at Cologne. In my computer at Brazil, Cubase doesn’t recognize my internet connection (saying i’m not connected, although I’m connected), and I am unable to register directly from the program. I had to register manualy at the Steinberg account.
So, as I bought my Cubase in Germany, and the brazilian Steinberg distributor offers only Cubase until 7.5, how would I get support for my product?
Also, as my license is recorded in a USB e-Licenser, I would like to confirm if it’s possible to install Cubase in two computers and use one computer or another by changing the USB dongle between computers.
Thank you.

Your geographical location that is displayed in your Steinberg account only affects where you get support, not licensing.

Maybe another Brazilian user can shed some light on this – I’ll edit the title of this topic to help that.

Usually, Cubase itself doesn’t need an internet connection and if you register via the menu entries, this is a redirect to the regular website anyway. Having registered the account manually is perfectly fine.

Yamaha Brasil ( also supports the current Cubase releases and should be your first support resource. Have you reached out to them?

Yes, you can install Cubase on two systems and use the installation the USB-eLicenser is connected to.

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