Support and VAT

Hello, i have encountered two issues:

  1. weird and incompetent support

  2. VAT in online shop

  3. i have asked a question via steinbergs website and in email i was offered to proceed to the link that i dont have access:
    Login/password dont work there…

  4. regarding VAT support replied:
    “Please note that the stated tax rate are an national rate required by your local law.
    Best regards,
    asknet Payment Service Team”

My reply is following:
Steinberg do not pay russian taxes.
Russians do not pay european taxes and american too.
That is why there is Global Blue Tax Free service.
That is why do not charge VAT for Russians.
Proof to eu website is in attachment.
I have 10+ experience in crossboarder online shopping and only steinberg want to charge a russian resident withe EU VAT!

For question number 1, you should be aware that Steinberg website and Asknet are 2 different accounts so your login to Steinberg website will not work at Asknet.

Is it weird, when you ask a service support and they require you to register?

And now they lie after i told them again that they are wrong.
They reply was “Please chose your region/country at the end of the process and the displayed message will be updated”
If course i have chosen “Russia”.
If they continue to lie i will report German/EU authority…because this is discrimination of a customer or violation of tax law…

Not sure what exactly you are asking but no, I don’t find it weird. But as I said, Steinberg and Asknet are not the same and thus require you to have an account at both places.

For your other issue, I’m pretty sure that they know the tax/vat rules so complaining to EU will not help you in this regard. They are just charging you the Russian VAT which is 18%, the same as if I buy they are charging the 25% Danish VAT.