Support availability

Hi everyone
I am kinda amazed that I don’t see more discussions around Steinberg support not being able to close tickets.
I use Cubase since VST 5. The current version is by far the one with the most potential - and the worst regarding reliability.

Back in the day I was annoyed when I had a crash dump analysis to be done and wait 2 days to get an answer and then being able to adjust my system / plugin etc. for normal performance. Woah, days…

For months now I have frequent noises / daily freezes etc. that interupt me doing music. Every single day.
So I did send crash dumps to get help. That was May 26, 2017. Status is “open”.

So since over 2 months I, as a loyal customer, with a super stable up-to-date system (at least all video editing with Sony Vegas Pro14 or Adobe Premiere works without any hickups), am patiently waiting for someone to grant me the time to give me an indication on what might be the reason for my daily Cubase performance problems.

I am not saying that it is Cubase, that is not performing. It might be a plugin manufacturer specific problem, or a VST3 problem… I just need help identifying what is going on. Never in my whole life did I feel so let down by a company.


Yes, it’s worse than in many years now.
I used to get hold a swedish support and help 3-4 years ago. Last time this was gone and now some Irish that attend our tickets.
Obvious cutdown.

Now the best that happends is “we are sorry about the delay” and “we maintained our servers” and “if your concerns is still current write to us again”.
What is that?
Obviously just clearing backlog.

At least be able to supply a bug report and be done with it.
I have a bug report from 18 months ago - ticket does not even list in MySteinberg. I have confirmation email from the time it was created.
And no comment ever on it.

Spreadsheet guys probably saw this is a big cost - get rid of it…

Software do things differently. Some are more sensitive than others etc.
I assume you are just letting off steam, not supplying any info on your issue like system specs etc.
Fix that in your forum profile and you only have to do that once.

I currently have no showstopper issues, or I would be as upset as you…but not a good sign how it goes…

Support availability is as important a quality of a DAW as editing features.

That is my opinion, but perhaps not everyone agrees with it.

Of course it’s important. I’ve never had an issue with support, always helpful and detailed. Sometimes it may take a few days, but they respond.