Support Blues-Rock in Sample Editor

Blues-Rock is in 4/4 and every quarter has 3 subdivisions. This cannot be displayed in sample editor. There is no way to see whether a signal (e.g. guitar chord or drum hit) is in-time, because the sample editor raster always displays 4 subdivisions per quarter note.

Workaround: If you want to edit blues-rock, don’t use Cubase 10, use something more professional :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry for sarcasm, is there any other workaround?

Hello superuser

I’m not sure if I understand what you are missing , but is it possible to set a 6/8 signature and then work in half - 3/4 to achieve what you request ?

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  1. The Sample editor needs triplet grids.

  2. The Tempo ttack needs note values.

  3. So that when you are @Quarter=100, you can click triplet grid and edit accordingly.


  1. Decide to switch from 4/4 @quarter=100 to 12/8 @dotted quarter=100 and achieve the same thing with normal subdivisions.

Both are needed.

There are many very popular rhythms like Blues, Blues-Rock, Swing (Jazz), Bembe (Afro) which are triplet based. I cannot understand how Cubase can maintain its “professional” marketing-image without support for these basic ryhthms. Any serious test in a magazin shoud point out “Cubase cannot handle triplet grooves”. I was really shocked when I discovered this after I bought the PRO license. Not talking about advanced stuff like 7/8 etc.

Totally aggree, this is very basic stuff and its hard to understand why Cubase (which claims to be “professional”) does not support this.

Maybe some Steinberg people can tell me why they think triplet support is not necessary for a “professional” audio production system?

e.g. “All Blues” from Miles Davis, very popular, played on almost every Jam Session. Cannot be produced with Cubase PRO :frowning: See example

e.g. songs like this cannot be produced with Cubase because it lacks triplet support (one of my favorite German bands):

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