Support, does it exist?

Asked support for couple of weeks ago, about update/upgrade that was supposed to be free, but nothing from the support. So for me, Steinberg now, as I think it works now, does modify the software, sell it as new/new version, and gladly take the money, but anythings go wrong, or it don’t work, say goodbye to the money. Or maybe support should take month to recognize a support request.

If you post more information about your issue, maybe someone here can help you in the meanwhile.

What I asked the support was about free update to v12 when I bought v11 update.

What version of Cubase 11? When did you purchase this update?

Please download the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center and click the Maintenance button. If your Cubase 11 says it’s “Grace Period eligible”, then you can upgrade to Cubase 12 for free by following the instructions for Steinberg Licensing from here:

It is well known that it does not exist. However they usually can handle license issues.
(I think licensees issues are the only way to be able to get a refund so they get solved)

I have no way to know whether you’re basing this off personal experience or hearsay, but while they may take some time to respond due to the number of requests, Steinberg Support does eventually get back to you. They also file bug reports if your issue is found to be a bug in the software.

In any case, this sounds like the kind of question that the users here would be able to answer, or at least help point you in the right direction. We just need more details.

Respond is not the same thing as giving support. I have requested support (bugs that is) and I don’t think they support even have a clue of what cubase do. For most cases you get a lot better support in the forum since most of the problems is user errors that forum persons can solve. However they can not fix bugs.

Any response, ANY from support would be better then what I have got.
All I have got was an automated response about I have contacted the support. I don’t consider that type of response, that they are doing anything, those are just their computersystem that sees my request.
I have not seen a reqiest of any sort, like when/where I bought it. Nothing.

Again, someone might be able to tell you what’s going on if you post a screenshot of your eLicenser Control Center with the serial numbers hidden, a screenshot of the Steinberg Activation Manager, and when Cubase 11 was registered according to the eLicensers tab in this page:

So I should show my licens in a forum? If I got some response from the support asking about that, I would send it to them, never in a forum. For me, the support seems to not exist. A month without some lifesign, looks very suspicius. Not even a email saying they can’t help. I have getting the same support as they who hasen’t paid for Cubase. Maybe Steinberg is run by programmers, that can maybe fix bugs, but haven’t a clue about other problems. I’m beginning to regret to buying upgrade/update, as I haven’t seen any support from them. As I see it, I would not recommend Cubase before looking in forums, ti see if there is any problems with it, because , if there is problem, that needs fixing, you are ignored by Steinberg!

Of course not, no legit user would ever ask for that. The suggestion from @Romantique_Tp was to

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It’s the Elicenser Control Center that was requested. Not the website.