Support does NOT Respond - Bad Intro for Sonar User

I have just joined the Cubase family from Cakewalk Sonar and have been shocked how Steinberg Support does NOT respond appropriately.

I submitted a Request (#80427) 2 Months ago, which took over a Month to get incorrectly Closed with a ‘wrong’ answer.

I 'Re-Requested (#90569) over 2 Weeks ago, stating situation, and still have NOT had a Response. :blush:

This is really a ‘bad introduction’ to Cubase Support. :cry:

As a Cakewalk Sonar longtime owner, I did NOT expect this. Is this ‘normal’?

Can someone from Steinberg look at my latest Request and get back to me? Please, Pleeze, PLEASE.


Could we help you here on the forum?

As Martin has suggested, we may be able to help you here on the Forum if you tell us what the issue is. There are a lot of very experienced users of Cubase here, many who use Cubase more than anyone one on support.

yeah, I’m afraid thats normal support behavior. But as Martin and planachrist said, there’s lots of good people here who are glad to help! I’ve learned most things here on this forum

I got a ‘Nothing can be Done Reply’ following a PM.

My question was…

I have been trying to find out how to get a Second Licence Key for NON-Concurrent use of Cubase, so that I can have a Dongle in my Main PC and another Dongle to take to other PCs. The Licence would be for Indivual Use where ONLY 1 Licence would ever be used at any one time.

I have a massive amount of software, and 2 or 3 or more ‘activations’ are very much the norm in this fashion, where only 1 ‘activation’ can be used at any time.

Effectively the Steinberg Keyb is an ‘activation’.

There is a massive different between Volume Licencing of Multiple PCs and Individual Licensing a Single Individual who may use 2 or 3 PCs, but only ever 1 at a time!

I feel ‘Nothing can be Done’ is NOT a good reply - as virtually all vendors allow multiple activations!

Simple solution is to provide discount to a 2nd Code with a Licence Agreement that links them together as ONLY 1 can be used at any one time.

As an Ex-IT Developer I know it is possible to enhance Compter Systems - so a full solution should be easy enough too!!! :unamused:

Support is correct about that. There is nothing you can do unless you buy a second license and put it on a second dongle. They will not respond to your ticket again as you already got the answer and what you are asking is not possible with the current protection scheme they are using.

You are right about your simple solution, however the way it is now is the reason that Cubase is the one and only DAW not being cracked for very long time (Since Cubase 5)

Having a Second Serial Code would NOT affect Cubase being cracked.

I have many eLicencer and iLok products that allow 2 or more activations, which is ‘customer friendly’, so having moved from Cakewalk winder why Steinberg cannot be more ‘customer friendly’ in the same or similar fashion.

But it will allow you to give away or sell that license. It’s not a requirement to be connected to the internet when running Cubase, so there is no way to tell if both licenses are used at the same time if the computers are offline.

I’m kind of with you here about this, but this is just how it is and how Steinberg have chosen to do about their licensing policy, nothing we can do about it. There are rumors going about an alternative licensing method but no one knows how and if it will make the above possible as well as no one knows when.

As a former Sonar user as well, the lack of support should be nothing new. Sonar support was non-existent - Steinberg at least responds.

I find the Steinberg licensing and USB keys off putting as well, but I did my research prior to buying Cubase, so I knew what I was getting into. I ended up purchasing a copy of Cubase Elements (which does not require a key) to put on my second computer.

Overall, coming from Sonar, I am enjoying Cubase. There is so much information online about Cubase, such a change from Sonar.

The thread-title alone is a piece of impudence IMHO

I originally asked my question on January 2nd as a Support Request - hence original title of thread.

I was dismayed at the lack of response. :blush:

Would it be a good idea if I start a new thread about a 2nd Licence?.. as to me at least it is worth discusssing more, since there are avaiable solutions that could give a bit more income to Steinberg and make life easier for their Customers.

No. There are plenty of them already.

You could start a new thread if you like, but there are already plenty of threads about this already and until Steinberg eventually decide to find a different way to license their products nothing will change.

Like I said above, it’s not viable for them to do what you suggest. If for example a friend of mine wanted Cubase i could just buy the second license at a discounted price and have him pay it. Result = He got a cheap Cubase license. Only way for Steinberg to encounter that is to force always online while running Cubase, which would piss of a whole bunch of users who prefer to run their DAW computer offline.

They’re already developing alternative licensing solutions, but you’ll have to wait a long time before they’re finished.

The current rules on license use are clear. Shame about the length of time for support to respond.

They get many, many requests whose answers are on the product website, or easily find-able with web search. Can you really blame them if they give priority to those what are not?

The irony of this complaint is that the previous DAW had less support, and now that they have ceased support completely, the license went from having some value to none, yet the OP is shocked by their experience here.

Its been a really long time since coming back in here. However after reading this thread, i had to get my word in.

Instead of fooling around with the dongle and stuff, wouldnt it be more productive to get on working with and learning the ins and outs of the system instead of trying to circumvent something as critical as its legal licensing system; while at it trying all ways to “expertly” tell others how to go about doing things… guess old community habits die hard ha…

I too was a Sonar convert (CWPA to X3), was also an active member of the forum there; including technical discussions with N and R on Windows WASAPI as some others and I discovered an issue; unfortunately the usual “experts” came in and shot the whole thing to high heaven… lets leave it as that.

This forum and her members have been an invaluable help during my transition for which I am sincerely grateful. Today even with my limited knowledge, i am always happy to pay it forward; yet still being surprised by CB8 once in a while.

EDIT: Steinberg please DO NOT go the way of having to be online all the time. For many of us, our workstations are offline as we depend on them for stability in our daily works. We will not know who or when stuff is being updated suddenly and no amount of “good” updates is worth the disruption of a finely tuned system. For me at least, the dongle or a physical device is still the best proof of licencing and ownership. Thank you all.

They’ve responded to my requests when i have submitted them… I think only 2 maybe. Although I also heard they have laid off some workers in that department…
Win some lose some… Maybe now with extra customers FROM Sonar they can afford to hire them back?

I agree, mentioning Sonar in the thread was a bad idea, because instead of implying that Sonar support was ‘superior’, (it wasn’t), it paints Sonar users as heedless fools. (We aren’t).