Support for Drawing Tablets?

Seems to be tablet-only at present. Maybe they’ll consider it worth porting to “proper” computers with touch-screen or pad. Maybe if enough people asked?

Some might say that Cubase was made for use with tablets

mild tranquilizers and painkillers being particularly popular.


Finally, a company that hasn’t fallen for the con that they have to ‘sell their apps for a couple of dollars and still make money’.

It isn’t cheap compared to most apps, but it certainly is not expensive for those for whom it works.

It’s -never- been the product that makes me reach for the valium.

It’s the (almost) complete lack of communication from the company.

I view Cubase and any organisation (government, church, etc.) as being like a supertanker… it takes a LONG time to make -any- course changes. Not a problem. It’s my living so I -want- them to be careful. But when one -depends- on it and you have no idea what direction we’re sailing… or when or -if- we’re stopping off at certain places? Yeah, that makes me seasick.

All people like me want is -communication-. Good docs. If I ask, ‘are you working on “X”?’ a simple, yes or no. A general timeline. Stuff that people have expected from mission-critical software for decades. I think one reason I get more frustrated than most is because I used to work for companies where that is simply -expected- from software vendors and I figured -everyone- would want that. I keep forgetting that the biggest question most ‘musicians’ have is: ‘Does it come in Fiesta Red?’


WOW! $22? Hell, if it actually -works-, I’d pay 10x’s that. I’d get it now but I don’t have a full-size iPad. I doubt it’s more than a toy for a phone. But THANKS! Definitely worth checking out!!!


Should have got a Note 3 then!