Support For HD Protocol MIDI

I will need HD MIDI soon.

Does it even exist yet…what devices are using it?

No… none.

I’m sure Minimalist means “soon” in the context of all time since the inception of the universe.

Some time before the sun burns out :slight_smile:
But not likely I’m afraid.

Yes it does exist. It’s in modern player pianos (in USB over MIDI & Bluetooth) if you need to know which you don’t. Please refrain from making snide comments when you don’t have any knowledge about the subject Steve. As a moderator, I would expect better behavior from you. I shouldn’t have to defend myself when all I want to do is make a request. If you don’t think my request is valid, just ignore it. It isn’t for you. It’s for Steinberg and Yamaha.

Sorry, you must be talking about something else.

If you wish for others to not comment on your feature request in the public forum, consider submitting them directly to Steinberg.