Support for other 64 bit CPU architectures!

Hi Steinberg

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10 (it’s only a few years old), and has 64 bit CPU, armeabi-v7a architecture.
I cannot install Cubasis 3, due to the CPU architecture.

Will there be support for other 64 bit architectures in the future?
If so, when is it likely to be available?

I think you are missing a lot of potential sales if not.

Thankyou vshare

Hi metikeb9,

Cubasis requires a 64-bit CPU smartphone or tablet device supporting arm64-v8a ABI, running Android 8 or later.

If Google detects a device which is incompatible with an app offered, the app will not become available for purchase in Google Play.
Unfortunately, this means that your device does not support 64-bits apps, and Cubasis in general.

For more details, please get in touch with the manufacturer of your device.

Hope that helps!

Stay well,