Support for Retina display

Considering swopping platforms to Macbook Pro Retina only to discover that Cubase does not support Retina displays…WHAT!!!

Steinberg: is this gonna come soon?

Maybe it’s Pro Tools time afterall

Over-reacting just a little?

Like most desktop programs, elements are defined in pixels and are not scalable. Making detailed elements scalable is very tricky, as at some scales details will be very fuzzy.

So-called ‘retina’ displays, while they may work for pictures and the like, which tend to have graduated colour changes across several pixels, do not have enough pixel density to smoothly render sharply-delineated elements (like one pixel dramatic changes) at ALL scales. There IS a reason why 600dpi printed text looks better than 300dpi, which seems to be lost on those who try to peddle that 300ppi is entirely sufficient at reading distances!

Aloha L,


Just curious.

Also here is some info on Steiny stuff and Retina Displays.
A lil old (C6) but might help.[o_system]=1&tx_p77sbknowledgebase_pi1[productfamily]=2&tx_p77sbknowledgebase_pi1[product]=282


But does it even matter - does low-res mode look bad? Sorry, I just don’t know.

Just don’t wanna shelf out the cash for a Macbook only to discover that Cubase looks strange because of the unsupported screen. I couldn’t care less for hi-res though - Cubase is not a photo:)

I’m considering the migration because I’d like to be able to work more from home and when travelling - right now my main DAW is on a stationary PC and I don’t trust PC laptops to deliver:)

Been there 2 years ago after spending over $3000, took my RMBP home installed cubase 6.5. It doesn’t work. You click on this and it does another thing. Very strange. I didn’t like the low resolution mode it looked like 80’s Nintendo games display just awful. I exchanged it. As per the apple sales rep now there are display apps that could fix that. My advice buy your RMBP somewhere you can return it if it doesn’t play nice with cubase 7.5. On the other hand maybe Cubase 8 will be compatible. I’m also looking at another RMBP. Maybe soon. Also you have to get the high end model to get dedicated graphics. Apple took a step back also putting slower processors in basic models. Greed :nerd: IMO Apple computers are getting too expensive. $3500 for a laptop is very expensive. $4000 for the new Mac Pro :mrgreen:

My fear - confirmed. Thanks a lot AP!

Steinberg, when do you plan to support Retina-displays?

Cubase 7.5 is by far the worst-looking software on my Macbook.

Agreed; but it sounds GREAT!!!
Even the built-in 24 bit digital out sounds not bad at all.