Support for Windows and Cubase Installation


I’ve just tried installing Cubase 7 on my laptop which runs on Windows 10. I tried installing with my original Cubase 7 DVD (which I’ve been running on my PC with Windows 7), it went through the whole installation process but came up with an error message towards the end, and the programme doesn’t appear to have installed. Just looked for the latest Cubase 7 update on the Steinberg website, and it only appears to support up to Windows 8.

Would my only option be to upgrade to Cubase 8.5?

Any advice please?

Many thanks!


In any case, Cubase 7 is not officially supported with Win 10.

There was a bug in the very 1st Cubase 7 installer. And it was exactly, what you describe. The Cubase icon doesn’t appear on the desktop. The solution was (and is) to download newer full-installer, (7.0.5, in this case).