The "registered product " line of the support form does not work. I have a UR824 that says “please wait while windows configures applications” for 4 months. Now some programs will not open.

This company has terrible support. Even the support form does not work! The tel number does not work.

Is this good for business? Focusrite is on gearslutz answering support questions. Avid answered the phone when I called. Steinberg doesn’t seem to have a support employee. This thing cost me $800 and it doesn’t work. Nobody can answer the problem on the forum.

So many products are sold word of mouth online these days. Is this attitude towards customers going to help sales?

Sorry to hear that though I am not really sure how the support request form and the message you receive are connected. What exactly does not work where? What do you mean with “some programs will not open”?

We receive a lot of support requests each day successfully so let’s try to find out why the form isn’t working for you.
The phone number does not work because there is none for the US. A phone call is arranged on request by email.

Thank you Ed. “please wait while windows configures applications” is the problem I am having with the ur824 .It happens when the UR mixer is opened or any DAW. It takes a very long time.

You should really get it direct contact with support. I am still not sure what is not working with the “registered product” entry. The UR824 hasn’t been registered in MySteinberg so far and thus you won’t be able to select it. But even if this is giving you trouble, you can still send a general request instead.
My colleagues in the US can help and if necessary arrange a phone call then.

This sounds suspiciously like the associated software has not been installed with proper administration settings. Either that or possibly a conflict with windows update; are your windows updates up to date? Are you running with full admin rights? Do you have any virus software running which might block the proper installation?

How do I know if I have full admin rights? Thanks,Peter

This has to do with the Windows User Account you’re using - is the account you log on to windows a simple user account, a power user, or an administrator account. If not and administrator you can either try logging on with the admin account and using that to install, or/and give the normal account administration priveledges. For more info see the Windows help regarding user accounts.