Support in UK

Have Steinberg given up offering support in the U.K.? I have had a ticket open for more than a month and no one has had the courtesy to acknowledge the ticket - let alone solve the problem.


You mean you didn’t even receive an email with something like Your Steinberg Support Case Has Been Received: in the title?

UK support is provided by HQ in Hamburg…and yes, they can be a little slow (weeks, months, years even…(seriously))

Worth logging into MySteinberg and checking if there is any updates that didn’t get emailed - or better still post your issue here and you might get a better answer.

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But aren’t UK and EU users normally sent that initial email? And if it doesn’t come, is it possible SB did answer, but the user didn’t receive, for whatever reason? (I don’t mean spam folder- but there are other email filters out there)

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absolutely - you get an initial email - but just in case, it’s worth logging in and taking a look - as you say they may have answered.

If definitely had tickets closed (without resolution !) and never got an email - and I don’t have spam filtering (well I do but I know what goes into it)

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I have just checked my email - nothing in any folder.
I have checked the ticket in mysteinberg - it’s like the Marie Celeste in there as far as Steinberg are concerned.

I really think that Steinberg do not care at all about their customers, I think they see us as just a bunch of people who test their bug ridden software for them!

I know how frustrating it is

have you posted your issue here ?

Steinberg support is diabolical, they expect other users on this forum to provide the support instead! For a paid product, you expect prompt response to a ticket, but weeks to respond is nothing short of pathetic, I think they have one person who does support for all their products!

The attached photo/screenshot describes why I will never buy any more Steinberg software.
It took two months for my support ticket to be looked at and it was closed without answering the question.
Make sure you are an expert in Steinberg products before you purchase any - you will not get support from the company.