Support is too slow

Xfer Serum, support from the dev in 1-2 days. Pluginboutigue, support in 1-2 days. Soundspot, support in 1-2 days. Cytomic, reply in 1-2 days Steinberg, support reply in 1-2 weeks, that is just way too slow.

I really hope you people at Steinberg would answer faster to support requests. DAW is the major thing when producing music. I can live with VST not working correctly, but when my DAW is acting up, i really want fast support and no, REINSTALLING everything is not the answer I need. I can do that myself.

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Just curious… What do you need? When I’ve had trouble with Cubase over the years, I don’t think I have EVER - not even one time called support for help with a problem. The only time I’ve called them is about purchases, etc. I’ve always been able to either:

  1. Figure it out myself using the manual
  2. Search the forum here and/or start a new thread about my issue…

So what’s your question? Maybe someone on the forum here can help.

They only have a first line support, and they seems not to know what a daw is about. They can help you to reset things to factory, the maybe also can help you to disable third party stuff. But the cant really “fix” cubase. At the moment they probably have millions of people with very simple installation issues so you will be on queue. It would be nice to be Hans Zimmer’s personal cubase technician when you have to dealt with Steinberg.

Regardless of whether there should be better Steinberg supplied support you’ll nearly always get better and faster answers here. So, as toder said, what’s the issue?

No issues anymore, I solved it myself by re-installing everything. But I just got a reply from the support to a ticket a left weeks ago. I know bit about computers (thankfully), but what my concern is that, I wish they could answer more quickly if and when you have an issue. I know I can post stuff in the forums too, but I cannot wait days to see if someone answers my question in forum or not when my DAW is not working properly.

I understand Steinberg has lots of customers, but I think when it is about the core program that has to be working 100%, week is too slow response time if you have major issues.I can live with a VST not working properly, since I can still keep on working with a track, but when DAW is not working right, I cannot do anything. Everything works fine now, and I really like Cubase 10.

But just as a improvement in the future :slight_smile:

Hold your horses :slight_smile: they will reply they just need sometime and they also working on other matters, for the mean-time this forum has a lot of expert that has your back they will give solution / recommendation according to the problem.