Support my kid with his music contest! Thx!!

Here’s Noah (9) playing some Classic Rock for a Dutch contest.

If you feel like it, do support him by going to this link
finding this same clip and voting for available attributes, such as “cool” or others… :slight_smile:

Also, in January you can choose the clip of the month. I’ll remind y’all about this…

Thanks for your support!

Well I tried, but the mobile number field does not know what to do with my Canadian details - sorry, it wont let me comment. Tell him we think he’s cool all the same. :sunglasses:

Couldn’t make it work here in Oz either.

Please let Noah know I had a listen and thought it pretty darn good. Also, as he’s so young he’ll improve out of sight in no time if he keeps practising, short sessions often, rather than long ones.

Thanks so much for your encouraging comments, I’ll pass this on to him!
And no, the organization is clearly not international enough…:wink:
But thanks for trying! :sunglasses:


Hi all,
Support the dude! :sunglasses:

Here’s Noah with his 2016 entry into the same Dutch music competition as last year!
This time around he decided on a more technical approach and show more of his improvising…
Please note that while the final result is determined by a jury, you might be able to vote for “clip of the month” from November, and you can also rate the clip in different categories, but you need a Dutch mobile number to do that here:

At any rate, he’s always happy about commentary and some views and likes!
Thanks so much,

Well, he’s a cool dude, no question. I liked his work around 2:15-2:25 especially. Tell him to keep practicing, and he’ll go far. :sunglasses:


I think there must be a technical glitch happening with inputting a UK phone code?



Hi Paul,
yes I’m afraid they only allow NL phones… too bad, but thanks for trying!!

I won’t overdo it, I promise, but I just have to post stuff my son plays every once in a while…

Here’s “So What”:

Have fun!

You got to be proud for sure. :wink: Great work!

Regards :sunglasses:


Noah just keeps on getting better, because he practices, and also you keep feeding him :sunglasses:

Tell him - well done! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: