Support needed: UR22 gain too hot = hardware defect?

At first, I was pretty impressed by the gain power of the UR22. Now, it seems more like a bug:

On Input #1 with phantom power, I used a small diaphragm condenser mic, which was low output, and I noticed hardly any problems. I now tested a large diaphragm mic (Rode NT1-A) with more output, and the signal bleeds through to my DAW to show 3/4 signal level. Actually, Most of that level seems to come from white noise, which is not influenced by the room noise. This can’t be the NT1-A’s internal noise, since it is an extremely low noise mic.

On input #2 with HiZ, I used various single coil pickup guitars - all bleeding through enough for recordings with gain control on minimum. I can set gain control to max 1/4 before the peak indicator of the UR22 is trying to make conversation. Without HiZ (not recommendable), there is a little more room for gain.

This makes the interface practically useless for LDC-mics (the Rode is a high quality standard in recording), and hard to calibrate to electrics guitars. This can’t be intended by design (?) - I read that there are quite a few interfaces out with hardware issues, so it seems mine is affected. I basically like the interface, and there is enough warranty left to have it fixed.

I read quite a few threads to these issues here, but it seems that most are not resolved or unanswered by Tech Service. I registered my product and sent a support request, but just to be sure: Can anyone please confirm the problems or summarize what I should do?

I have dad the same problem, my unit now works fine after a modification.
The better solution is to send a message to the support.
You will probably have to send your unit to the technical service for a modification, the process is depending of the country where you leave.

You can send a PM to Ed too :
He will probably explain you how to proceed.

That sounds really promising, I will do that, thank you for sharing your experience :slight_smile:

Novamax please tell me if you’ve had this fixed. I’ve been looking online for a month now and see no fix!