Support not answering for weeks

Anyone else having problem with the support not answering for weeks (for me it’s 22 days now)? Once (like 1 1/2 weeks ago or so) I got a mail to be patient, they would be to busy right now but helping me as soon as possible. Since then, nothing.

I think it’s a terrible service. Anyone else dealing with these problems or is it just my bad luck? Any idea what to do?

Anyway, maybe somebody here can help with my problem:

I have a UR22 audio interface with installation CD, but I don’t have a CD drive on my computer. There should be a paper with some kind of download code, but I guess I must have lost it. Is there a possibility to download Cubase AI, so I can install it? I registered the UR22 to the steinberg website.

Steinberg support is terrible at the moment and maybe it always has been since last time I contacted them I had to wait for 4 weeks as well. This time it was 6 weeks (yesterday finally got a response) but the answer was nowhere near satisfying or even close to being a proper answer to my question.

As for your problem. You don’t really need the CD. You can log into your account: and there you should be able to register Cubase AI with the serial mentioned on the CD packing plus download Tools, driver and e-licenser.

Hey Spiritos, thanks for your suggestion, I will try the e-licenser. Sorry for my late response, I didn’t expect anyone to answer anymore actually, so I didn’t check for a while.