Support of EUCON adapter for AVID mc control and mc mix

Hi there

Like to know, if there is already some schedule to adapt the C7 functionality to the EUCON adapter.
Or is this already included in the C7 package?
(Now using C6.07 without problems on that.)


It is included with the installer and it is working great with some new Eucon functions.
Edit: I have not figured out how to migrate my customized EuControl settings of Cubase 6 to Cubase 7. Simply renaming the Cubase 6 XML file to Cubase 7 will not work because of all the added Eucon funtions would not show up. So I guess the best way is to rebuild the customized buttons from the beginning :frowning:


Thanks for the information.

I spent days to customize the buttons on the mc control.
Are you really re-built all your settings from scratch?
I thought, the xml-file shall be transferable to any new version.

OK…there is nothing more important to do… :wink:



Using CB 701 now and faced the named problem with the EUCON adapter 6.5 and the delete of all changes previous made on the artist mc control display.(EUCON)

Now two options

  1. You really start from scratch and re-program your icons in the mc control with EUCON.
  2. You copy the latest made EUCON adapter 603 settings to the CB 7 folder.
    With this second option you still have all the possibilities to program the new commands for CB 7, but you don’t loose all your settings in the MC control.

How to do

  • You have to find the last saved file named cubase6.xml. Usually to find in C:\user\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Eucon\Cubase6_64. Check the date of your last changes.
    (Probably you made some other setups for Explorer or videoplayer. This is to be find in the folder C:\user\AppData\Roaming\EUCON\appsets)
  • Then go to C:\user\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Eucon\Cubase7_64 and find the file Cubase7.xml.
  • Then rename it to OLDCubase7.xml
  • Then copy your Cubase6.xml to this folder and re-name it to Cubase7.xml

After a re-start of Cubase 7 you’ll find your previous made setup on the artist mc control and you can now add the desired new commands from the CB7.
If you don’t like it anymore, you just delete the Cubase7.xml and rename the OLDCubase7.xml to Cubase7.xml and all is set to original.

I think this way is easier than to re-construct all the commands made through out the years for CB 6.

Hope this helps somebody :wink:


Yes, this gets you all your old settings, however you will find any new Eucon commands that have been added to the Cubase 7 template specific to new Cubase 7 features, will not be there.
For example the newly programmed Mixer Touchscreen (page 2) would not have the “bypass channel strip” button.
Of course you could program the new features as you need them, which may be easier than re-doing all you old custom ones.


Of course you could program the new features as you need them, which may be easier than re-doing all you old custom ones.

That’s what I meant :wink:

I already mentioned during the work with the new CB7 mixer, that various commands are not present now in the MC control, and some commands are even no more programmed in CB7 :unamused:

But I still think, that to add some new functions into the known set-up is more easy then to figure out all commands from scratch.
To be honest, the basic set-up, which came with the CB 6.5 EUCON adapter was more or less useless.


Guys,i think ive succesfully done from Cubase 6.5 Mc Mix,Mc Transport into Cubase 7 setting without any problem…

just copy NEW version of cubase 6 eucon XML and rename the NEWER cubase 6 Eucon file into cubase7 , u can find in this directory


hope its help~~~


Tks for the hint.

I did it already :wink:
the wheel for the edit windows and the mixconsole greater/smaller is not working.

Could be a problem with the discrepancy between the CB 6.5 EUCON adapter and the CB 6.07 XML file.

Just made some buttons for MixConsole greater/smaller. :unamused:
For the Edit windows, there is no solution present at the moment