Support quality?

Hey guys… after it took a while finding the proper form on the website, I wrote the support 10 days ago and still didn’t get an answer nor did I get a feedback like “we got your mail, this is your ticket number, please wait etc.”. No I submit my question again two days ago, still no answer…

Is this normal with Steinberg?

I’ve received an actual response from a support agent after 13 business days (18 days total). I did received a confirmation email (that was before they renewed the MySteinberg) when I created the ticket.
I raised another support ticket for different issue lately on the new MySteinberg and I noticed I didn’t received a confirmation email from the system either.

Thanks Niles, so I guess I will just have to wait. Would at least be good to get a confirmation email by Steinberg though…

I believe you should get an automatic confirmation email whenever you send something, so I would try sending it again.