Support Request

No response since 19 days?
For real?!?!

seems real… even pandemic reasons cant justify not getting an answer.

I’ve been waiting over two months on a request now. Seems like support is unmanned.

Also seems like the Cubase forum has more steinberg presence than the Nuendo one.

A well functioning support is a part of a professional platform. Fortunately (for me) Nuendo works well here now…

How do you even access support. According to their website I am entitled to support but it keeps sending me around in a circle. I can’t get an answer to my problem in this forum so what am I supposed to do ?

These are the same forum… on discourse it’s all one forum just different sections and tags

If the link given by is meant to be where I get support, it doesn’t work. If I click on “my requests” I get sent to a page trying to sell me more steinberg products, all of which I expect also come with no support. If I try the “distributers link > UK” I get sent back to the beginning. How can a reputable company refuse to support its products ?

Same here. Four weeks and counting, and phone support is open two hours a day.