Support Requests - Do they ever get answered?


Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this - but I don’t know where else to post this query…

I have now submitted 5 separate support requests via the MySteinberg portal and have yet to receive an acknowledgement, let alone a reply. All fields were filled in as requested and all information given as required.

Just to put this in context of expected levels of web-based customer service, if I use Native Instruments support system, I not only get an acknowledgement within minutes - but I have always received an answer within 24 hours.

Is it just me - or does anyone else suffer from these problems?

Further, is there anybody there (hello moderators) who can help me with either of my issues?



When did you send the reports…? My experience has been that I’ve received a response no later than 48 hrs after submission; often times sooner.

Bear in mind, I believe their support team runs normal business hours (mon-Fri 9.00 - 5.00 ish) and you should expect no moderator input here on the forums over the weekend; if you do see some, its out of their own time/choosing.

As you’ve probably seen, there are telephone ‘hotlines’ for personal support (via your local distributor) - whom I expect will have their own hours/level of support offered (weekends/out-of-hours - I don’t know…).

Also, have you searched/used the KBase…? Or checked the C6 list of Issues/Solutions in the version history doc for known problems and workarounds - either of which might help…

In the meantime, you could always post your issues here anyway, and someone may be able to offer help/advice. :wink:

List each issue in a separate thread, and (if its a possible bug) post exact steps to repro (system specs are always a help too…!)


I asked a support question once, a very long time ago (VST 3.7, I believe).

The answer that I received was wrong, and asked me for information which I had already supplied in the support request.

I find Stone Mountain support to be typical of computer support elsewhere.


Just to chine in on this.
I recently had a problem and needed tech supports help.

Steinberg Support got back in touch with me within two days and
worked with me over the next couple of days to solve my problem to my satisfaction.

They even pointed out a ‘check box’ at my MySteinberg acct that I had neglected to tick;
which can allow for additional support.

I seldom have need for support services so it’s nice to know that when I do,
the crew is up-and-running.


It has been hit and miss with me.
I have had a quick response on one particular issue, they asked me a qeustion via email, I answered, they responded, I asked another question, no answer, ask again, no answer, ask again, no answer.
It seems if they don’t know they won’t respond.
I have had some issues go unanswered.
I also have have had quick correct responses.
I guess it depends on who you get, some techs are better than others, but the overall support is not good at all.

Thanks for the replies guys.

Just to add a little more detail, the first (two) of my support requests was probably about 7 months ago - when I was struggling with VST System Link using my MR816CSX. No answer. Nothing on the knowledgebase. I did find a thread on the forum on the subject (and the original poster suggested that it was a known issue that had not been addressed for him either) - but alas the thread was not answered by a moderator and unfortunately fizzled out.

My current request is to do with a registration / license issue with an update I have purchased and this is quite a specific matter for which I really need help from the techs - not fellow end-users. So far, no answer.

I could really do without calling Germany - I don’t actually feel I need to speak to someone as a nice, cordial e-mail dialogue will do just fine. I’ve never needed to speak to Native Instruments, but the long and very sociable exchanges that I have had with their tech guys actually makes me want to call up and thank them personally!

Now, quite a few years ago there was a firm called Arbiter UK, who got hideous amounts of flak for their support - but for me, they were streets ahead - they had a clear history of any dealing I had with them and I could even request a particular team member (okay, they were not always available - but you can’t have everything).

The most irritating thing of all is that if my current request again goes unanswered, then I will need to submit it again from scratch. Please Steinberg, can your system please at least be modified to acknowledge my requests, to give me a ticket number and store my open tickets somewhere?

I can see that there has obviously been quite a lot of time and money invested in the revamp to the web-pages and more recently, the forum. How about some of those resources are allocated to the support system.

Is anyone listening?

Hey, I’ve just realised someone must have read my post - as I’ve been moved to the Music Lounge. Rather than just move my post - how about giving someone a nudge for me!

lol that’s a bit unsatisfying :confused:

Are you in the US?

Hi Steve,
No, I’m in the UK.

That’s germane to the question. My support requests to the US team usually get answered within hours. Whether they can solve the problem or not is another question. I would say overall support from them has been okay.

It would be awfully nice if more forum member posted their location and OS in their sigs.


Did you use the same email address you are registerd with in MySteinberg to send us an email? If so, there is nothing in our inbox. If it is a different address, please send me a PM, so I can search for that one. If customers send emails using regular Steinberg email addresses and not the support request form in MySteinberg it happened more than once that the email ended up in the spam folders. As we receive thousands of emails each month, it is not always easy to check for those mails as well…

Hi ed

Are customer addresses used in mysteinberg quarantined from any kind of spam filter in that they will always “get through”?

If everyone used the support request form, they would get through (leaving aside any unforseeable technical issues) but if customers try to reach us on any of the direct mail addresses, chances are higher that a mail might get lost. But then again the other 99 percent will reach us anyway…

Are you saying there is in fact an international support form in existence?

Not an international one, no. US customers and most parts of Europe can use the support request form in MySteinberg. All others will have to mail their local support at our distributors. Become a Steinberg Reseller | Steinberg

That’s fair I suppose.

I had used the Yamaha (steinberg) support form and it requested either my Steinberg Key or elicenser numbers.

Is there any need to use the Steinberg Key anymore with the e-licenser software?

Moreover is there any integration with Steinbergs database for login etc considering the partnership is unlikely to end since I’d rather not have to reference a secondary authentication method, lest a physical piece of hardware?

Hi Ed,

Have PM’d you with details of both problems.


It’s still the Steinberg support form :wink: I don’t really understand your question I am afraid. If you issue a support inquiry, you need to select the USB-eLicenser (formerly known as Steinberg Key). There is absolutely no coonection between the Steinberg database and the general Yamaha customer databases and I think that an integration would be a huge effort.


But when you go to the trouble of:

a) Finding the support form (no direct linking from steinberg int.)

b) Finding those dongle numbers

c) Fill out the form asking a simple question such as “do you have an up-to-date pricelist”?

d) Get an answer “call your local music store”.

It is really a really poor performance in my view and negates its’ purpose, otherwise I’d have called and wasted their time instead of mine.

I really hope SB can bring some quality control to their dinosaur like status, since the only other company I know of that behaves in that way begins with R.