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What exactly is missing? Also, if you have registered products and eLicensers in MySteinberg and you live in a country that is supported by us or the US team, you should have come across the support request form that is part of your MySteinberg account.

You just have to find them once. And they are easily accessible in the eLicenser Control Center- After you registered your eLicensers, they are stored in MySteinberg.

Where do you live? We do have the online shop that shows a lot of prices but please keep in mind that there is no such international price list as prices vary depending on countries and also depending on the distributors responsible for selling our products in their region. It would be more dinosaur like to send price lists around… :wink:

Okay, that might not be the most politically correct answer but maybe the most efficient one depending on the country you live in and the product you were asking for.

But I agree, you should have been given a better answer and I apologize for that. If you have any details on that request, please let me know!

Well the product is out now and already there has been a price drop and they seem generous as against an educational discount so I’m not complaining in that regard.

The Yamaha site of my country has published pdf pricelists in the past and has kept them up to date but it seems when you ask directly you will inevitably suffer as obviously information is not readily shared between the “david and goliath” of the music world, at least in the early stages of new product releases.

In any case the least that Steinberg/Yamaha can do is look at a global login mechanism, even if it only applies to Steinberg itself, as of course we must log in twice (once in mysteinberg and another in the forum) and many sites out there have globalized logins anyway even if only for a single domain.

Please keep in mind that we are still Steinberg and are able to work as a partly independent company under the Yamaha umbrella. Making one global log-in for Yamaha and Steinberg doesn’t make that much sense atm.

So who did you ask and where do you live?

BTW MySteinberg and the forum use the same log-in data. So that’s just one log-in.

I feel it is pointless to ask for support. Even the support page is ending up in a 404:

I “simply” wanted to register, which didn’t work due to the poor eLicencer installation. So I don’t even get to the start.

Worst software and support ever.

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For Germany the link in the confirmation email is
but should be

Try it with the additional de in case you fail as well.